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Let use help you find out more about the options available to you. Breathe Telecom brings more that just a phone, we deliver a better network experience, today and tomorrow.


"Breathe analysed our current usage and recommended a change of tariff which better suits our needs. We not only saved money every month but we increased the amount of calls and texts available to us as well. Literally a breath of fresh air".

Stacey Harbige, Manager, Absolute Accounting and Taxation Solutions Limited.

Our Mobile Services

pictureBespoke Packages

Breathe does not have to use Network tariffs and therefore can design the ideal tariff for your businesses needs in all areas including Calls, Texts and Data.  We do this using our vast experience in the mobile sector and the varying needs in different vertical markets.


pictureBill Analysis

Analysis of your current usage offering a complete breakdown of the invoices you are receiving.  This analysis will also show a breakdown of savings that can be made by switching to Breathe.  This report will detail usage by type, call destination, call and text charges, in addition we will also supply any data charges and overage usage.


pictureHardware Report

Breathe will do a report on all hardware showing the best handset type for the needs of the business and the users to maximise the service supplied and how the business communicates.


pictureWeb Portal

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