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BreatheIT has applications in a multitude of vertical market sectors, actually our service can help remotely manage your workforce from anywhere in the world in real time!


"We found the customer service at Breathe to be second to none, the speed, efficiency and accuracy of our request was superb. I would definately recommend Breathe to all my customers".

- Mark Sandells, MD YPS Accounting Limited.

Contract Cleaning

Running a contract cleaning operation presents many challenges, no matter what type of cleaning it is you do - washroom servicing, commercial window cleaning, office or public building cleaning. How best to monitor where your workers are and what they are doing without taking up too much of their time reporting it, and your time administering everything. Perhaps you have considered expensive PDAs but decided they are too complicated or expensive and have wondered "is there any other alternative"?

BreatheIT provides an easy-to-use mobile phone solution so that cleaning staff can record where they are and the tasks they are performing without needing PDAs or other special equipment. You get guaranteed proof-of-attendance that shows you are meeting your service levels and looking after lone workers safety. All data is sent real-time so that you have electronic records of time spent, tasks performed, products used, and all kinds of other worker and job related information.

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