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Let use help you find out more about the options available to you. Breathe Telecom brings more that just a phone, we deliver a better network experience, today and tomorrow.


"Breathe analysed our current usage and recommended a change of tariff which better suits our needs. We not only saved money every month but we increased the amount of calls and texts available to us as well. Literally a breath of fresh air".

Stacey Harbige, Manager, Absolute Accounting and Taxation Solutions Limited.

Business Mobile Blackberry Case Studies


Fishy Fishy

"We use email, Twitter and Facebook on BlackBerry to communicate amongst our team and with our customers in a non-intrusive way. Those conversations are key: they determine what we're going to do next, where we might take the business. With BlackBerry we can share our ideas anywhere, any time.". James Ginzler, Co-founder



Button & Bean

"As I grow my business and spend more time out of the office, my BlackBerry will be invaluable to help keep up with finances and develop more business through Twitter and Facebook.". Tracy Gray, Founder & Owner



Hadley Tree & Garden

"My BlackBerry helps me get paid on time. I take a picture of a completed job with my BlacKBerry and attach it to pre-saved invoices so I can send it as soon as I'm done". Greg Shockett, Owner



LTT Vending

"With service requests entered directly into our CRM system, we have calculated that we are saving over two hours per week in lost time with our BlackBerry solution, which equates to a 10% increase in productivity" Chris Sutcliffe, Group Finance Director